Tia-Mari Starr Brown dreamt of qualifying for the US Olympic Track & Field team. Tony and Clover Brown – like most parents – were supportive of Tia-Mari and always wished to fulfil her dreams of being a successful athlete. They both firmly believed that their daughter, Tia-Mari desired to be the best in pushing herself to achieve new heights of success. With her immense dedication, hard work and commitment, Tia-Mari was shortlisted for an international athletic competition in Australia.

The struggle for Tony and Clover Brown were far from over when they realized the paucity of resources which could prevent their daughter’s dream run to compete at international level.

Tia-Mari Starr Brown (3rd from Left) scored 2 silver medals at Australia

Tia-Mari’s desire to win a medal at an international contest received encouragement and support from Express Kitchens team.  Tony Brown, a long-serving employee at Express Kitchens, was ably supported by Management Team at his workplace including his colleagues, employees and staff members.

They all came up with the idea of hiring the services of Clover Brown by purchasing food every week that will support Tony and Clover Brown’s efforts to send Tia-Mari to global athlete competition.

A small thought of support from Express Kitchens turned out to be a great success effort for Tia-Mari Starr Brown, who not only went ahead and participated in Australia but also achieved the feat of 2 times silver medals won at the global athlete competition.

As an organization, Express Kitchens genuinely support its employees in their personal goals and continue having conversations about what they do and who they are becoming. The fulfilment of purpose not only keeps people satisfied in their roles but goes a long way towards establishing the strong bond to keep its best talent — and keep its talent doing their best. Creating a sense that you care about your employees can both motivate and inspire them.

CEO of Express Kitchens, Max Kothari, says, “We look forward to bring a change in the lives of people by connecting and associating ourselves with causes and dreams of people. When we hear about someone’s dreams, our natural response is to aid in their realization. When they achieve personal goals, the resultant satisfaction and positive energy comes back and influences everything they do.”

Express Kitchens is supporting community development activities with an objective of empowering people to achieve and fulfil their dreams. The workplace culture at Express Kitchens encourages its employee to come forward and become change agents for the initiative of supporting people’s dreams by helping them achieve professional and personal success.

Express Kitchens is adopting a collaborative community development model to create shared value and develop healthy, long-term relationships with external stakeholders, as well. In another initiative aimed to engage with the community, the Commercial team at Express Kitchens spent valuable time at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The team gifted toys, books and goodies to the Child and Family Support Services department. As Max Kothari, states, “They had the choice of spending a substantial amount and they could have spent it restaurants or for their personal use. Instead, they chose to spend it wisely by donating it to the hospital. We celebrated the spirit of giving back to society and serve the community.”

September 20th, 2018

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At Express Kitchens, we believe in innovating and inventing new range of wooden cabinets for your kitchen that enhances the look, provides comfort and convenience and adds value to the glory of your kitchen. The Echelon wooden cabinets offer you wide range and scope of enhancing and upgrading your kitchen at the most affordable costs. We will help you customize your new kitchen with the most beautiful kitchen cabinets and counter tops.


Birch is a subtle contemporary and close-grained hardwood, whose colors go from cream to reddish-brown. Its texture is fine and even, and the grain is often straight but can also come in wavy or curly patterns, mirroring maple. With a smooth paintable surface, birch can be stained to resemble mahogany or walnut, but is typically at its best when left natural and sealed with a clear coating.


Cherry wood cabinets, with a fine to medium grain pattern, provide an elegant look that is suitable for contemporary or traditional styling. It is moderately hard and strong, and resists both warping and checking. While usually pinkish-brown in color, there are also shades of off-white, green, and even gray. An American classic, cherry darkens beautifully with age and contains occasional knots, which gives it a unique beauty.


Cabinets in maple, a strong hardwood known for its close, uniform grain. Treasured by furniture and cabinet makers for years, the fine texture of maple lends itself well to both contemporary and traditional styling. Maple wood might occasionally include curly or wavy variations in the grain pattern. Colors range from light tan or cream to yellow to light reddish-brown.


The prominent open grain pattern and textured surface of oak cabinets make it a natural choice for those interested in a more traditional or casual country look. This hardwood is heavy-grained and durable, and its visible characteristics include mineral streaks and pin knots, with it’s attractive red or white oak color tones.


Milled from vinyl wrapped material over fiberboard, thermofoil cabinets offer contemporary styling, exceptional durability and wear properties, as well as superior cleaning features. Thermofoil is applied to cabinetry frames, giving perfect door-to-frame match in comparison to painted frames, which vary in color.

September 6th, 2018

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