Sheffield and Stockton range of white kitchens is a big value addition for home owners looking to remodel or buy new kitchen

In line with growing trend of White Kitchens amongst the US home owners and consumers, Connecticut-based Express Kitchens is all set to launch new white kitchens, namely – Sheffield and Stockton. As a popular homeowners’ choice, the new Sheffield and Stockton cabinets’ offers a classic and simple look making them an increasingly popular trend in traditional kitchen renovations as well as allowing them to fit perfectly in modern or contemporary kitchen designs.

As part of the increasingly growing trend in modern kitchen designs, Sheffield and Stockton range of cabinets are often paired in modern kitchens with white or light granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and modern hardware to complete the elegant look. Highlighting the importance of Sheffield and Stockton cabinets, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens, states, “The introduction of new range of white kitchens is a huge advantage for buyers, who are looking to either renovate their existing kitchen or planning a new kitchen. Apart from enhancing the look and feel, the Sheffield and Stockton cabinets’ offer a huge value added proposition to their homes. Express Kitchens’ new range of Sheffield and Stockton cabinets is a trend-proof, value for money investment and a feel good factor for every homeowner.”

Everlasting Sheffield and Stockton cabinets: Kitchen and interior design trends change every year. This makes it hard to keep up with the style without spending thousands of dollars on upgrades and improvements. But what if homeowners could create a timeless and long-lasting design that outlasts current trends without feeling outdated? That’s where Sheffield and Stockton cabinets come in. The style is simple, letting it blend in with modern accessories easily. But as homeowners upgrade the rest of their home, the cabinets will continue to complement their look. Over the years, this will save homeowners money and time while sparing them the frustration of trying to keep up with the changing trends.

For kitchen renovations, it matches existing appliances: It’s no secret that white goes with everything. This includes existing kitchen appliances, no matter what color or material they are. Homeowners won’t have to worry about coordinating shades or finding the perfect hardware to match their cabinets. Just go with what works with existing appliances.

Sheffield and Stockton cabinets improve resale value: Homeowners always want to increase the value of house. And few remodeling projects add more value than upgrading and updating your kitchen. But Sheffield and Stockton cabinets increase the resale value even more. It all comes down to the timeless design and versatile look. It appeals to more prospective buyers. And Express Kitchens make the best cabinets out of high-quality materials designed to last for decades without issue.

June 29th, 2019

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Express Kitchens aims to encourage community engagement for societal development

It was neither work nor a business achievement, but instead a very exciting day for Express Kitchens and the members of the Boys and Girls Club of Hartford. On this day we made a huge difference in and influenced the lives of many young people in Hartford, Connecticut.

The objective was simple, to spend quality time, offer the comfort, and create timeless memories for the young people attending Boys and Girls Club on Sigourney Street. The Staff of Express Kitchens spent time working with both students and team members on a variety of projects. All with the singular focus of making each child have the best day he or she could have. The visit by Express Kitchens is part of our Community Engagement Program for 2019. Wherein we put forth strong effort to connect with local organizations, charities, and philanthropic ventures to uplift and enhance the lives of those who live in the cities and towns we serve. The outing was truly inspirational for all.

We here at Express Kitchens are proud to work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to achieve these ideals. The Club began in Hartford back in 1860 and is a valuable organization providing after-school programs and care in the city of Hartford.

At Express Kitchens our goal is to inspire, enrich, and empower today’s youth, future generations and their families. Hoping each and every individual realizes his or her full potential. By fostering civic engagement, we believe that local neighborhoods, businesses, and the community will grow to that end. Leading to new, more positive perspectives while propelling us ever closer to a happier and healthier society. Express Kitchens is proud to help simply happiness for those in need of a smile.


June 18th, 2019

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