Express Kitchens is in the expansion mode, opening more locations and tweaking the store lineup to include retail showroom in and around Boston, MA. By the end of 2019, Express Kitchens will open 3 new retail stores followed by 5 new showrooms in the year 2020. Also, the company has taken a big step forward towards fulfilling its Environmental Stewardship commitment by implementing renewable energy practices to its business operations. The successful installation and functioning of solar panels to its Hartford offices is an initiative that reflects company’s holistic approach to sustainability that helps deliver greater value to customers.

With respect to company’s expansion plans in Boston, MA, Express Kitchens will enter towns of Lynn, Watertown, Dedham, Peabody, Reading, Medford, Brocton, and Weymouth with a mix of full-service retail showrooms that showcases range of kitchens, cabinets and countertops coupled with extending help to customers and local businesses with after-sales service for its products. New retail showrooms will include modern design elements featuring vibrant range of kitchen and will showcase open, collaborative spaces with ample space for customers to have a touch-n-feel experience of their dream kitchen.

Video Courtesy: WFSB – TV

Express Kitchens’ philosophy of Growing, Growing & Growing is reflected in its commitment to grow and excel against all odds. Express Kitchens is known for its leadership and commitment towards the growth and development of Hartford’s Inner City. Express Kitchens is steadily working for Hartford’s Inner City Revival to improve the employment opportunities and job prospects in the city of Hartford. Express Kitchens reflect the story of Innovation and Technology and echoes the voice of Hartford residents that are competing against the world class corporations.

Video Courtesy: Fox61 News

The announcement of Express Kitchens’ expansion plan and unveiling of Environmental Stewardship initiative was done in presence of Luke Bronin (Hon. Mayor of Hartford), Susan Bysiewicz (Hon. Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut), Shawn T. Wooden (Hon. State Treasurer), Matt Ritter (Hon. State Representative – House Majority Leader) and Douglas McCrory (Hon. Democratic Member of Connecticut State).


Sharing more details, CEO of Express Kitchens, Max Kothari, said “Express Kitchens sees store expansion as an opportunity as its added new locations in Boston, MA are underserved markets in cities and towns to cater to millennials. We look at our growth beyond simply physical store expansion. Express Kitchens has made significant progress in our strategic priorities since announcing a meaningful investment in its retail business since past couple of years. Beyond our coveted products – a range of kitchen and vanity cabinets, countertops, and kitchen accessories – we are progressing towards creating innovative and captivating experiences – both physical and digital – for our consumers.

We’re elevating every aspect of how we serve our customers, including reimagining our stores, opening new digitally-enabled stores, introducing new range of kitchens, pursuing an aggressive growth strategy and transforming the way we replenish our stores and get products to our customers. We aspire to be a seamless omni-channel retailer with national growth aspirations. The steps we continue to take are with a focus on better positioning Express Kitchens as an iconic brand on the national stage. The company’s growth follows a trend that shows consumers are expanding their shopping habits beyond traditional markets. This expansion marks a major milestone for our company by allowing us to serve more customers, small businesses and communities across Massachusetts.”

As part of this expansion, the company will also work with local community partners to help drive inclusive economic growth including jobs and skills training, small business growth, and neighborhood revitalization.

Express Kitchens delivers a shopping experience that focuses on ease and convenience, while creating capacity to support digital growth by leveraging stores to fulfill online orders faster.

Express Kitchens is increasing its investment to reimagine new stores by the end of 2020, enhancing the customer experience with the next generation of showroom design. The reimagined stores will feature Express Kitchens’ most ambitious store redesign to date, featuring modernized design elements, with an experience that’s easy and inspiring for customers. The hundreds of remodels planned will be customized, with customer feedback being applied to each new remodel.

Throughout 2018-19, Express Kitchens has allocated millions of payroll hours for increased training and staffing at its stores across the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. In doing so, Express Kitchens is building an expert salesforce, with team members who specialize in one area of the store and can provide credible guidance, product knowledge and personalized service to customers, ultimately driving incremental sales. These additional payroll hours also ensure that customers’ experience quality service during peak periods of increased traffic, such as weekends and the holiday season.

Express Kitchens continues to accelerate enhancements in stores and digital to create a networked shopping experience, with stores, digital channels and supply chain working together to meet customer needs. In 2020, Express Kitchens will offer customers with option of buying kitchens online through its website.

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Hartford’s Express Kitchens eyes $5M+ showroom expansion in Greater Boston (Courtesy: Hartford Business Journal)

Sen. McCrory Praises Express Kitchens in Hartford (Courtesy: Connecticut Senate Democrats)

October 24th, 2019

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The bigger and better Newington store has more in the offering for customers – the big space, better comfort, and most importantly – the best customer service assurance from Express Kitchens. The new Newington store of Express Kitchens is set to welcome shoppers and commenced its operations at 3311 Berlin Turnpike, Newington CT 06111 from September 28, 2019.

The new Newington store is poised to deliver a unique shopping experience to walk-in customers with the touch and feel experience of their dream kitchen. With exciting new promotions in place, the customers will have an opportunity to select their dream kitchen from the most comprehensive range of products available at the new store. The new Newington store forms part of the company’s ongoing expansion plan.

Hon. Mayor Roy Zartarian inaugurates the new Newington store of Express Kitchens at 3311 Berlin Turnpike at Newington, CT


WRCH Presenter Mike Stacey with Chief Guests Ashita Udani and Uravi Mehta

Express Kitchens is excited to launch its new Newington store in Connecticut. The digitally-enabled retail stores of Express Kitchens offer breathtaking experience to visiting customers. The walk-in customers have comfort and convenience to choose from diverse range of kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and kitchen accessories. Express Kitchens use highly advanced design technology software to help customers get their dream kitchen designed and installed in shortest possible time.


Speaking on the opening of new Newington store, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens, said, “We want to give shoppers and customers something new, exciting and accessible. Our goal is to create an experience where customers could mix and match all the products in the collection and design their own dream kitchen. Express Kitchens help customers find the best quality at an affordable cost along with an unmatched customer service from beginning to end. The customers, looking for new kitchens or kitchen remodeling services, rely on Express Kitchens as a trusted brand that represents the quality and the company believes in building value that customers can expect.”


Theresa Avey, Chairperson of the Economic Development Commission, visited Express Kitchens New Newington store with Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens.


At the inauguration of new Newington store, Customer Service Director Karen Roy (Left) is interacting with Carol Anest, Majority Leader at the Newington Town Council


From a mix of modern and colorful kitchen cabinets, counter tops, accessories and kitchen appliances, the new Newington store is offering exciting promotions on kitchen remodeling projects. With more than 17 years in business of kitchen remodeling industry, Express Kitchens’ today is one of the well-know retail kitchen brands in the state of Connecticut and Massachusetts. With its customer-centric business model, Express Kitchens offer an inspiring and unique experience to people and fulfills its customers’ dream of having a great kitchen.

Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens, said, “Our focus is on delivering quality, expanding our range of products, and work towards bringing innovation and improving customer service experience. Our focus is to delight customers in every engagement they experience with us. At every stage of our interaction and touch point with customers, we add value to their thoughts and imagination giving them the best of Express Kitchens at all times. To achieve this, we have put together efficient processes, talented people and robust machinery which has been able to deliver fantastic growth over last few years. Express Kitchens promises fast response times, flexibility and customization, the best quality in the industry at unbeatable prices, and trust and long-term association with our customers.”

September 30th, 2019

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Express Kitchens Mothers’ Day Contest 2019 Winner

This is the story of a caring mother, a fabulous cook and an inspirational winner of Express Kitchens Mothers’ Day 2019 contest, whose life witnessed a sea-change after her new Express Kitchen was installed this month. Oksana Chernata is brimming with enthusiasm and excitement of finally achieving her dream of having a new kitchen at her home.

Expressing happiness and contentment on her new Express Kitchen, Oksana Chernata, said, “The new kitchen has brought peace in my family because I was upset and stressed out with my old kitchen. It makes me more excited and I can’t wait to get started with the cooking in my kitchen. My new kitchen has put everything in better perspective – my countertops, my drawers, even kids if they have to slam – the drawers close softly. This is really important to me as I like cooking fresh meals for my family. The new kitchen has so much better layout and it’s perfect. I can’t wait to show my friends my new kitchen.


From the day Oksana won the Mothers’ Day 2019 Contest, Express Kitchens’ Bridgeport store initiated the process of her kitchen remodeling project. Working closely with Oksana in understanding her needs, Express Kitchens’ team of measurers, designers, and installers along with Oksana’s dedicated Project Manager Ken worked on a design that was Oksana’s choice of cabinets, countertop, appliances and accessories.







On successful installation of Oksana’s dream kitchen, it was yet another feather in the cap for Express Kitchen. As CEO of Express Kitchens, Max Kothari, puts it, “Express Kitchens is in the business of simplifying happiness in the lives of people. We take pride in doing kitchens that make our customers’ happy and proud of their dream. Express Kitchens believes in celebrating Mother’s Day to respect the commitment of moms, recognize the importance of maternal bonds and the role of mothers in our society. Throughout this Mothers’ Day Contest, participants get the opportunity to share and express love for their mothers. The Mother’s Day Contest from Express Kitchens is a tribute for all hard working and selfless mothers who go beyond their means to give the best of the best to their families. Express Kitchens honors and salutes the true character of motherhood.”

The Express Kitchens Mothers’ Day 2019 Contest received overwhelming support and response from people across Connecticut and Massachusetts. The 2-month long contest by Express Kitchens came to an end on May 11, 2019 once Oksana Chernata from Stratford, CT was adjudged the winner of the Mothers’ Day 2019 Contest.

August 21st, 2019

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Just imagine cooking in a well planned, modern kitchen; where everything has been carefully thought out and designed for maximum ease of use, where everyday cooking is a pleasure and not a chore.

Since time immemorial, colors have remained a source of inspiration for many of us to do exciting and innovative things in life. Have you ever imagined your dream kitchen getting a face lift with sleek and invigorating colors with an addition of equally refreshing counters and accessories? Explore the exciting top 5 trending cabinet colors to add an extra element of glamour and vibrancy to your dream kitchen.


Blue prompts the feeling of peace, relaxation, expansiveness, grandness and quiet. You can take a look at the blue sky and ocean, which provide a great feeling to your soul. When used inside the kitchen, blue also triggers the feeling of tranquility, luxury and space.

Go bold with deep navy blue kitchen cabinets to create a sophisticated and moody look, or use light shades of blue in the kitchen to give your space a soothing coastal vibe. When you have a spacious kitchen, you must want it to be cozy, warmth and welcoming. Therefore, navy blue kitchen cabinet is the perfect shade to have in a large kitchen because you will be able to see that this color stands out. Dark shades of blue mixed with contrasting granite counter tops will give your kitchen that extremely modern flair.

Like the color of the sky and the ocean, blue kitchen cabinets serve a fresh and gorgeous design for the kitchen. Added with perfect lighting, you will have a sweet and cozy kitchen. If you seek for something that looks fun and playful, you can definitely check the light blue kitchen cabinet that serves a playful, calm and chic vibe for the kitchen.

Simple yet sophisticated. Blue kitchen cabinets with white counter tops are the ideal combination to create a modern and sophisticated look to the kitchen.




Whether it’s a calming hue or a more dramatic tone, opting for grey kitchen cabinets is always a good choice. Grey showcases a very clean look to the kitchen. The color teeters between relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth. It manages to provide the best of both worlds. Now, if you would like to have a refreshing apartment kitchen, grey cabinets are your best choice. Choosing the right shade of gray for a kitchen could be difficult, but you can always improvise. By having grey kitchen cabinets paired with white countertops, your kitchen will look very neat. The combination of white and grey is also perfect to display a warm welcome to the kitchen.

Grey cabinets are very adaptable to any kind of environment or design. You can combine grey color with almost anything. Besides adding more creativity, your kitchen will take on a more dramatic look.

Grey stained colors make your kitchen look very professional and luxurious as if you are in a fancy restaurant. Edgy and modern, that is what your kitchen is going to look like with grey stained kitchen cabinets. Designing a kitchen with shades of grey, you are not only limited to light grey colors, but you can add darker grey accenting colors, as well.

You can explore and experiment with your choices because grey is very versatile and flexible with any color. So, be creative with your kitchen design!



The white kitchen allows flexibility of style. Go from traditional to modern or eclectic designs. It features clean lines and a starker white making the room bright, clean and spacious. White kitchen cabinets accentuate natural light and brighten up your kitchen. Change the look depending on the choice of backsplash, countertop, hardware and accessories.

The simplicity of white cabinets also allow them to rise above short-lived trends, so you never enter your kitchen feeling like it was designed five or 10 years ago. Because of its versatility, white is also easy to update, accessorize, and add to. A kitchen can be given an entirely new personality just by keeping plain white cabinets and changing knobs and other hardware. What’s more, pops of color can be even more impactful next to white cabinetry because of the sharp contrast, so a color palette can be easily understood.

Add character to your kitchen by introducing pearl white cabinets to the space. The beauty of white cabinets is that they offer a blank canvas, making them a great choice if you want something timeless. The off-white finish and mocha highlights will add intricacy to a farmhouse look without darkening the kitchen.




It’s easy to create a warm and welcoming ambience when it comes to using brown kitchen cabinets. Brown, being a dominant color, evokes a kind of rustic and earthy hue to a traditional kitchen room setting. However, it can work just well even in a modern kitchen space. They make a kitchen look elegant and sophisticated when coordinated with the right color scheme.

Brown cabinets are quite attractive and versatile and work well with all kinds of kitchen décor and styling. While it perfectly complements modern kitchen designs, the brown cabinetry also looks great when installed in traditional and rustic looking kitchens. Whatever may be the color or design of the appliances and accessories in your kitchen, brown cabinetry will complement them beautifully.

While brown cabinets enhance the décor of your home, they impart comfort and serene look to the room. The dark color of the cabinet successfully provides a rich and classic look to the kitchen. Added to this, the durability offered by brown kitchen cabinets helps in creating a beautiful kitchen. All these attractive qualities of the brown cabinets help improve the value of your home with minimal effort.

Brown cabinets bring a timeless and elegant appeal to your home. When decorated skillfully with bright lighting, contrasting light-hued counter tops, radiant backdrop colors, and bright walls, your kitchen will get the gorgeous appearance that you have so long desired for.




Green might not be the first color choice for the kitchen, but it is witnessing a revival. Lime green may not ever make a comeback, but shades like emerald, sage, avocado and mint are currently getting a look in as a color of choice for kitchens. Green is surprisingly versatile as a color choice in the kitchen, as it works well with gold, brass, stone and wood. So when thinking about your next kitchen don’t discount green as an option. Green is a wonderful color for kitchens—vibrant yet cool, depicting healthiness and calm at the same time.

Opting for a lighter mint green will add feel-good vibes to your space and bring a hint of playfulness to your cooking space. If you prefer to go ahead with dark emerald green cabinets, the ideal combination with them will be brass hardware and gorgeous granite counter tops.

Because green makes you think about nature, it is good to consider adding a lot of green plants in your kitchen space to make it nature themed. Matching the green colored cabinets with light colored quartz counter top will make it a great combination.

Darker colors such as green and blue can really make a statement on kitchen cabinets, but they work best in large spaces since they can darken small rooms. If you plan to use them in a tiny kitchen, make sure to balance them out with white walls and lighter accents.

The sky is the limit when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors. If you’re drawn to neutrals and more colorful shades, incorporate both by creating two-toned cabinets. The trick is to put the light color on top and a darker one on the bottom to help ground the space. Try this combination with white or gray cabinets on top and yellow, blue, green, or red cabinets on the bottom.

August 6th, 2019

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Express Kitchens is proud to help simplify happiness for those in need of a smile. The staff members of Express Kitchens spent time volunteering at the House of Bread in Hartford. Located at 27 Chestnut Street in Hartford, the House of Bread has been feeding local residents since 1980. The House of Bread utilizes a 5,000+ square-foot facility to cook for people in the need for nutritious, hot meals that are offered with compassion and joy.


Sisters Maureen Faenza, CSJ & Theresa Fonti, CSJ, worked hard and followed their dream to make sure that those who were hungry found relief at their door. In addition to feeding the hungry, the mission includes job training, shelter, education, affordable housing, and transitional living. With the help of many Churches, civic groups, and businesses, the House of Bread is a true asset to those who are food insecure.

In 2019, Express Kitchens aims to encourage community engagement and is running monthly volunteering programs where the employees and staff members contribute for the well being of local community and society. Express Kitchens is actively engaging with local organizations, charities, and philanthropic ventures to uplift and enhance the lives of those who live in the cities and towns it serves.

By participating, engaging and contributing in community development activities, Express Kitchens want to take a lead in simplifying happiness in the lives of people. For its employees and staff members, Express Kitchens is actively offering a range of volunteer opportunities to take-up projects in their communities and send teams of employees to help non-profits, government agencies and social development organizations.

July 23rd, 2019

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Since 1982, Loaves and Fishes has been dedicated to improving the community and making sure those who are food insecure do not go unattended. Express Kitchens visit to Loaves and Fishes Ministries is part of the Community Engagement Program for 2019, wherein there is a strong effort to connect with local organizations, charities, and philanthropic ventures to uplift and enhance the lives of those who live in the towns, cities, and states that Express Kitchens serve.

As part of first visit to Loaves and Fishes Ministries, the Express Kitchens provided meals for several families in the Community. It’s important to note that the Loaves and Fishes family consists of both, the homeless and the working poor. In today’s complex economy it is essential that we remember to always connect with and give back to those in need. Helping those in need creates a better society and healthier work ethic. Not to mention it also brings joy to so many children.

Allison Hild, the Executive Director of the facility, spoke about the Jobs Training program for individuals who take help from the facility to get desired job skills and employment. She makes it her business to assist Hartford residents in their pursuit of better employment, healthier meals, and improved lives for their loved ones.

By participating, engaging and contributing in community development activities, Express Kitchens want to take a lead in simplifying happiness in the lives of those in need. For Express Kitchens, this is just an ideal start of a journey where the employees and staff members contribute to the well being of local community and society in general. All of which is the brainchild of illustrious leader, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens. One of his notable quotes is, “As individuals, we have the duty to perform acts of kindness and generosity wherein the society is benefited from our noble work. Making sure people have basic nutrition is incredibly important to the health and well being of our society.” A sentiment shared by all at Express Kitchens.

July 16th, 2019

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Sheffield and Stockton range of white kitchens is a big value addition for home owners looking to remodel or buy new kitchen

In line with growing trend of White Kitchens amongst the US home owners and consumers, Connecticut-based Express Kitchens is all set to launch new white kitchens, namely – Sheffield and Stockton. As a popular homeowners’ choice, the new Sheffield and Stockton cabinets’ offers a classic and simple look making them an increasingly popular trend in traditional kitchen renovations as well as allowing them to fit perfectly in modern or contemporary kitchen designs.

As part of the increasingly growing trend in modern kitchen designs, Sheffield and Stockton range of cabinets are often paired in modern kitchens with white or light granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and modern hardware to complete the elegant look. Highlighting the importance of Sheffield and Stockton cabinets, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens, states, “The introduction of new range of white kitchens is a huge advantage for buyers, who are looking to either renovate their existing kitchen or planning a new kitchen. Apart from enhancing the look and feel, the Sheffield and Stockton cabinets’ offer a huge value added proposition to their homes. Express Kitchens’ new range of Sheffield and Stockton cabinets is a trend-proof, value for money investment and a feel good factor for every homeowner.”

Everlasting Sheffield and Stockton cabinets: Kitchen and interior design trends change every year. This makes it hard to keep up with the style without spending thousands of dollars on upgrades and improvements. But what if homeowners could create a timeless and long-lasting design that outlasts current trends without feeling outdated? That’s where Sheffield and Stockton cabinets come in. The style is simple, letting it blend in with modern accessories easily. But as homeowners upgrade the rest of their home, the cabinets will continue to complement their look. Over the years, this will save homeowners money and time while sparing them the frustration of trying to keep up with the changing trends.

For kitchen renovations, it matches existing appliances: It’s no secret that white goes with everything. This includes existing kitchen appliances, no matter what color or material they are. Homeowners won’t have to worry about coordinating shades or finding the perfect hardware to match their cabinets. Just go with what works with existing appliances.

Sheffield and Stockton cabinets improve resale value: Homeowners always want to increase the value of house. And few remodeling projects add more value than upgrading and updating your kitchen. But Sheffield and Stockton cabinets increase the resale value even more. It all comes down to the timeless design and versatile look. It appeals to more prospective buyers. And Express Kitchens make the best cabinets out of high-quality materials designed to last for decades without issue.

June 29th, 2019

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Express Kitchens aims to encourage community engagement for societal development

It was neither work nor a business achievement, but instead a very exciting day for Express Kitchens and the members of the Boys and Girls Club of Hartford. On this day we made a huge difference in and influenced the lives of many young people in Hartford, Connecticut.

The objective was simple, to spend quality time, offer the comfort, and create timeless memories for the young people attending Boys and Girls Club on Sigourney Street. The Staff of Express Kitchens spent time working with both students and team members on a variety of projects. All with the singular focus of making each child have the best day he or she could have. The visit by Express Kitchens is part of our Community Engagement Program for 2019. Wherein we put forth strong effort to connect with local organizations, charities, and philanthropic ventures to uplift and enhance the lives of those who live in the cities and towns we serve. The outing was truly inspirational for all.

We here at Express Kitchens are proud to work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to achieve these ideals. The Club began in Hartford back in 1860 and is a valuable organization providing after-school programs and care in the city of Hartford.

At Express Kitchens our goal is to inspire, enrich, and empower today’s youth, future generations and their families. Hoping each and every individual realizes his or her full potential. By fostering civic engagement, we believe that local neighborhoods, businesses, and the community will grow to that end. Leading to new, more positive perspectives while propelling us ever closer to a happier and healthier society. Express Kitchens is proud to help simply happiness for those in need of a smile.


June 18th, 2019

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Drawing inspiration from freshly painted colors, Express Kitchens introduced new range of kitchen cabinets and door-styles. The new collection of kitchens has a fresh look of painted colors that enhances the look and appearance that include features suitable for diverse lifestyles. The new and exciting range of kitchen cabinets is specifically targeted keeping home-owners in mind, allowing them to create masterpiece meals for their friends and loved ones while also transforming the kitchen into a stylish heart of the home.

Today’s announcement continues Express Kitchens’ heritage of introducing high performance and best quality kitchens to market, allowing home-owners to achieve a high-end design aesthetic at affordable prices. The new range of kitchen cabinetry from Express Kitchens include:

Pewter Paint colored Dartmouth (5-PIECE):

A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. The popular and contemporary style offers a little added flare with complementary 5-piece drawer fronts. Available in Pewter Paint, these doors and drawers are sure to bring class and distinction to any kitchen.


Opal Paint colored Berwyn:

The Berwyn door style is available exclusively in the new Opal finish, a warm white-gray tone. Berwyn is a full overlay door with a mitered, squared outer edge; beaded interior, recessed center panel and five-piece drawer head.


Grey Stained Hanover:

Hanover is a refreshing style that will complement any design aesthetic. Available in our popular Grey stain, this transitional choice is simultaneously understated and loaded with character.



The new range of Express Kitchens cabinets’ offer great style and practical storage to make kitchen look as good as it performs. Affordable, high-quality cabinets with a five-year warranty and features typically found in much more expensive cabinetry enable you to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality. Customers looking for a set of high-quality kitchen cabinets that offer excellent value for money should look no further than Express Kitchens cabinets.

Unveiling its new range of colored kitchen cabinets, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens, said, “The form and function of the kitchen has changed over the past few years and at Express Kitchens, we have ensured we have addressed this change by continuing to invest in our kitchen proposition with the launch of new ranges. The demands of customers’ kitchens are now really diverse and we’re reflecting this with the introduction of our new ranges, new products, improved and updated services, and offering innovative products from our partners.

Whether customers are looking for a classic, contemporary or traditional style kitchen, and whatever their lifestyle, our personal design consultants are on hand to offer a dedicated service to guide customers through every step of finding and fitting their new kitchen – from design inspiration to installation.”

Express Kitchens is well-known for being the champion of Kitchen Cabinetry market across Connecticut and Massachusetts.



May 8th, 2019

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Participate & Win a FREE KITCHEN worth $15,000

How would you like to win a $15,000 dream kitchen for your mom?  Just in time for Mother’s Day 2019, Express Kitchens will be giving away one free dream kitchen worth $15,000!  From now, until May 10, 2019, Express Kitchens will be collecting entries for our flagship promotion – Express Kitchens Mother’s Day 2019 Contest. For our biggest promotion ever, one lucky contest winner will receive a FREE KITCHEN worth $15,000 – complete with cabinets, crown molding, granite countertops, sink, faucet and stainless steel appliances from Express Kitchens. The Express Kitchens Mother’s Day 2019 Contest is open to all contestants across Connecticut and Massachusetts. To enter, visit the company’s website and participate in the contest.

Launching this unique initiative, Max Kothari, CEO of Express Kitchens, said, “Mother’s Day is an annual celebration for all of us here at Express Kitchens. It is an occasion to celebrate motherhood and all that goes with it. Mothers are characterized by their love and sacrifice, giving their children all that they can. Often, the parallel to the love of God is the love of a mother. We invite everyone to visit our website and share how much you love your mom and care for her. You can make your mom feel special and fill her life with sweetness and joy by participating in the Express Kitchens Mother’s Day 2019 Contest and win a fabulous kitchen worth $15,000.” 

Last year, Express Kitchens was able to fulfill a dream kitchen wish to our Mother’s Day 2018 Contest winner, Karen Beck.  She was extremely delighted to have a new beautiful kitchen installed complete with brand new appliances and kitchen accessories. Sharing her delight and happiness with her new kitchen, Karen wrote to us about how she enjoys every minute she spends in her new kitchen. She also expressed her gratitude and was immensely satisfied with the quality and installation service from Express Kitchens.

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to pamper mom with a gift that shows you’ve been listening to her every need. This year Express Kitchens is inviting entries from participants through video submissions on its website – where people can share, ‘Why does your mother deserve a new kitchen?’

Express Kitchens believes in celebrating Mother’s Day to respect the commitment of moms, recognize the importance of maternal bonds and the role of mothers in our society. With the Mother’s Day 2019 Contest, Express Kitchens realizes the importance of a mother’s role and her contribution to her family.  Through this contest, participants get the opportunity to share and express love for their mothers. The Mother’s Day Contest from Express Kitchens is for all hard working and selfless mothers who go beyond their means to give the best of the best to their families.

Participate now in the Express Kitchens’ Mother’s Day Contest 2019 on The last date to enter the contest and upload the video is May 10, 2019. Winner will be announced on May 11th, 2019. Visit your nearest Express Kitchens store and see Sales Associate for more details.


April 2nd, 2019

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